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OK, so don't take our word for it...

But you may want to take theirs! People really have been talking so take a look below and see what our clients and business associates have had to say about their experiences when working and associating with us. Then form your own opinion as to whether or not our competencies would benefit your business and our personalities suit your style. Ok ok, we know what you're thinking but we couldn't possibly write this many testimonials ourselves nor could we pay off all these people to write glowing kudos for us - we'd be broke!

2016 Guelph Business Centre Star Awards
Outstanding Consulting or Service

2015 Guelph Business Centre Star Awards
Rural Outreach Award

2015 Guelph Business Centre Star Awards
Outstanding Trade or Professional Award

"When it comes to taking a business idea and making a reality of it, Doug Daymond is your answer! He is extremely well equipped with knowledge, expertise and a wealth of supportive contacts to develop the model front to back. From crafting an executable, in-depth business plan, to making calculated decisions based on surveys and related market information - he can easily determine whether the idea is a viable one to move forward. If you are thinking of starting a new business or wanting new ideas for your existing one, I would highly recommend contacting Doug before you forge ahead so he can get you and your business going in the right direction."

Danny Trakalo
Owner, DT Custom Equipment Repair

2016 Guelph Business Centre Star Awards
Youth Entrepreneur

2016 Guelph Business Centre Star Awards
Outstanding Trade or Professional
"Doug was great to work with; he really helped me think about things from a different point of view and challenged me to my fullest potential in order to put me on the proper path for success. His knowledge and experience in building and developing businesses separates Doug from others and always approaches situations in a very honest manner. I would recommend Doug in any form of business development."
"Doug has provided excellent insights and suggestions throughout the start-up of my business. He has guided me through the process of building a strong business plan. I trust and value his opinions and recommendations as he knows what it takes to build a successful business. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone, or any business looking for a straightforward business advice and mentorship!"
Tommy Nasiopoulos
Owner and Operator, True Plumbing KW
“Doug has been an excellent advisor for my business and mentor for me. From the development of my business plan to the ongoing growth and operation of my business Doug has provided much needed guidance and insight. He is an excellent coach always challenging me to do my best. Thank you Doug for your assistance!”
Phil Woodhouse
Owner and Managing Director, StoneHammer Brewing
"Amanda, I wanted to send you a HUGE THANK YOU and JOB WELL DONE after recent work you did for my new company. Over the last 7 years I have had the pleasure of utilizing your services and working closely with you on my sales catalogue, email blast ideas and sales campaign projects. Any job I threw at you was eagerly taken on and completed creatively, efficiently and quickly with outstanding results that hit the mark! It's awesome how you can take an idea and bring it to reality so accurately. You are always accommodating and have an upbeat positive attitude that is refreshing in our fast pace business world filled with stresses and lack of time. I thank you for that! It has been and will always be a pleasure working with you on past and future requirements I will need for my business. You definitely get recommended to colleagues in my industry I assure you! Thanks again for all you do Amanda!"
Kevin Misch
Owner, Jetzam
“Doug is a very driven and highly motivating individual, who has a special talent for inspiring fresh ideas and encouraging success from those around him. I am a new entrepreneur with minimal background in business, and Doug has been supportive of my vision, taking time to educate and encourage me towards my start-up goal. I was grateful to have had Doug's expertise and support from day one, and I look forward to working with him as my business grows and evolves in the years to come. Highly recommended!”
Marilyn Aston
"Amanda is a professional in every way and she has the client's best interests in mind in all that she does for them. Startwirth does everything possible to make sure that the client is properly taken care of and the experience she offers is definitely a benefit to a wide range of marketing projects."
Troy Brouwer
Owner, PERK Print
"Doug is what I needed as a 'renewed entrepreneur'. After selling my business nearly 20 years ago and wanting to start a new one now, Doug gave me the skills and confidence to keep going even when I had doubts. For him, being an entrepreneur is like breathing and his out-of-the-box thinking is very useful. I would recommend Doug as a business coach without hesitation." ,
Shawna Stonehouse
Managing Director, Bearstone International
“Doug gives a very thorough, pragmatic approach to designing and building a business from the ground up. He is the player on your team that you need and want to have, because he has the experience, knowledge and business acumen to develop and implement a successful corporate strategy. Insist on partnering with 1-Leg Up; you will be glad that you did.”
Sean Astins
"Amanda is very knowledgeable, has great ideas and loves to share and help others. She is very professional, but also fun loving and I always enjoy working with her. Amanda has recently designed my business card. Every time, I give it to someone I receive compliments for such a clever and unique design. The web banner on my website is also her design."
"Doug helped bring my company launch from a perspective dream and vision, to something incredibly tangible and something we can be proud of. He has always had a sixth sense when it came to us struggling through tasks and minor roadblocks, he would rally behind us and get us going in the direction we needed. Highly recommended, and someone that should be a part of anyone's business team."
Troy Walker
“I could not ask for a better professional business advisor & mentor than Doug Daymond. He went out of his way to ensure I had all the necessary tools to enter the world of entrepreneurship with the highest understanding and chances of success. His advice has been pivotal throughout the planning process. I appreciate his up-front, honest and no excuses approach to small business planning and have always felt comfortable approaching Doug with questions or concerns throughout our time working together. I strongly recommend Doug to anyone in the early stages of starting a business. His industry knowledge, business contacts and advice will no doubt be as crucial to your success as they were for my own. Don’t start your business venture without Doug on your team!”
Rob Hanna
Owner, Mobile Up Keep
"Working with Doug and representing his company was truly a pleasure. Doug was very professional in all aspects of the business. His presentations were extremely strong, confident and you could see he believes in his products. He gave us all the tools we needed to be successful with our customers. Whatever project Doug is involved with now or in the future I know he will produce winning results."
John Filipovich
Owner, J and S Sales LLC